April 26: IASH Fellows’ Speaker Series presents Anastasiya Lyubas (Comp Lit)


Join us Wednesday April 26th at noon in the IASH Conference Room (LN 1106, next to the LT elevators) for Anastasiya Lyubas’ talk, “Language, Plasticity and Modernism in Debora Vogel’s Poetics.”

Abstract: This paper examines the poetics of Debora Vogel, a Yiddish Modernist writer, philosopher, art critic and translator. Vogel’s singular style finds itself at the intersection of philosophy, literature, visual and plastic arts. Vogel utilizes the strict economy and iterability of linguistic signs to foreground the materiality of language. She deploys what she calls “white/grey words” that express monotony, banality and stasis, as well as other stylistic devices to create a “plastic” idiom. This idiom gives and receives form, and presents the creative work not only as a result but also as a process.