Graduate Student Activities-ACLA2016, Harvard University, Boston, MA.

The Comparative Literature Department at Binghamton University was very well-represented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association. Five of our students attended the convention either as  panel organizers or as presenters.

Anastasisya Lyubas-presented a paper entitled “Language Mothers” in Avant-garde Poetics of Bruno Schulz and Debora Vogel” in the panel “Global Avant-Gardes: Visual and Verbal.”

David Spitzer-presented a paper entitled “Figures of Being: the Song of Parmenides as Performance” in the panel “Adaptation as Archeology and Critique.”

Diviani Chaudhuri-presented a paper entitled “The Introverted Courtyard House and the Novel in India: Muslim Women Writing the Zenana and Beyond.” in the panel “The House in Literature: Practices of Consumption, Commemoration, Display and Self-Fashioning.”

Idaliz Roman Perez-presented a paper entitled “Literature and Street Art: A Comparative Study of Gender and Cultural Politics of the Caribbean” in the panel “Embodying Politics in Africa and Latin America.”

Rania Said-co-organized a panel entitled “The City in the Life Narratives of the Global South.”